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Anti-Pirates Unknowingly Promote Pirates

03 Oct 09   Filed in Website exploits with 1 Comment

A couple of days ago I posted my research on hacked high-ranking sites that spammers used to promote online stores selling pirated software.

Now you’ll see an amusing (and at the same time sad) illustration of the issue.
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“Cheap Vista” or Cloaked Spam on High-Profile Sites

01 Oct 09   Filed in Website exploits with 12 Comments

In this post, I’ll show how cybercriminals used hacked high-profile sites to drive search traffic to online stores that sell pirated copies of popular software and, presumably, steal credit card details.

I’ve been watching this sort of search spam for more than a year now. And after this post in Google’s Webmaster Help forum, I decided to take a closer look at this this problem.
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Security Lesson From a Kenyan Marathon Runner

30 Jun 09   Filed in General with Comments Off on Security Lesson From a Kenyan Marathon Runner

If you have a site/blog but you are not a techie and don’t know much about website security, you might want to read this article written by a Kenyan marathon runner about how his blog was hacked.

He received an email from Google saying that his site had been temporarily removed from search index because it contained hidden spam links and thus violated Google’s guidelines.
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