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Most Contradictive Doorway Generator

12 Sep 14   Filed in Short Attack Reviews with Comments Off on Most Contradictive Doorway Generator

Check this thread on forum. The topic starter found a suspicious PHP file and asked what it was doing.

The code analysis shows that it’s some sort of a spammy doorway. But it’s a very strange doorway and the way that it works doesn’t make sense to me.
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Black Hat SEO for Virus Dissemination.

24 Jan 09   Filed in Website exploits with Comments Off on Black Hat SEO for Virus Dissemination.

In the previous post I talked about the exploit that redirected Googlebot to malicious sites. This time I’ll talk about how I investigated this issue and what I discovered.

This started about a week ago when I noticed a few sites with suspicious redirects in Unmask Parasites reports. There was a chain of two 301 redirects: -> “http://bablo .me .uk/”  -> “http://www. 524045. secki .info/”. Sometimes “bablo me uk” redirected to other sites that always contained a random 6 digit number as a subdomain name.  I decided to find out what was going on. Continue »»