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Twitter API Still Attracts Hackers

09 Dec 09   Filed in Website exploits with 8 Comments

A few weeks ago I blogged about hacked sites where malicious scripts used Twitter API to generate domains of new attack sites and trigger “drive-by” downloads.

As you might remember, I mentioned that the script was buggy (failed to work on certain days) and the approach didn’t look viable in the long term since it required that hackers manually register one new domain name every day. As a result, in November, this vector looked abandoned (I couldn’t find active and even registered malicious domains).

However, hackers seem to be die-hard fans of Twitter and don’t want to give up on the idea.

A few days ago I found a blacklisted site, where was mentioned as an intermediary in malware distribution. Safe Browsing diagnostic pages also mentioned fresh (beginning of December) malicious domains that were definitely generated by the above-mentioned script. No wonder, on the infected site I found the familiar script. Actually, it was not the same script. It was an improved version of that script.
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