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Keygenguru .com Hack in Search Results

04 Aug 10   Filed in Website exploits with 1 Comment

Last year I wrote about two elaborate server-wide hacks that hijacked web server (Apache) processes and intermittently served malicious content instead of requested legitimate web pages.

A year later, every now and then I still see servers affected by this sort of hack. I easily recognize recent modification of this attack when I see links to keygenguru .com in Unmask Parasites reports. Those modifications are slightly different from what I described in my goscanpark article. This time not only do the malicious processes serve JavaScript redirect code but also provide some HTML with links to pirated software and movies. This HTML code gets indexed by search engines which helps hackers promote their illegal resources.

Side effect

A side effect of this “black-hat SEO modification” is when people search for domain names of affected sites, they see something like this in search results:
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