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More About the Rogue Image Blogs on Servage Network…

04 May 10   Filed in Website exploits with 2 Comments

This is the fifth article in the series about rogue blogs created by hackers inside legitimate websites of Servage clients. Millions of malicious web pages has seriously poisoned Google search results, redirecting visitors to scareware sites. You might want to read the previous posts first:

In this post, I’ll describe how the new generation of rogue blogs works.
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Hackers Abuse Servage Hosting to Poison Google Image Search

28 Apr 10   Filed in Website exploits with 5 Comments

Two weeks ago I blogged about serious security problems of Network Solutions‘ shared hosting service. This time I’ll turn to another big shared hosting provider – Servage.

It’s not the first time I write about Servage. Actually this will be the 4th article in the series about rogue blogs on Servage network. It all started in November when I wrote about malicious blogs created in subdirectories of legitimate websites. The blogs poisoned Google search results for millions of relatively unpopular keywords (the long tail) redirecting visitors to scareware websites. In the second article, I showed the history of those rogue blogs (the first generation have dates in April of 2009) and how most of them (90%+) were found on Servage network. In the third article, I wrote about the internals of those rogue blogs and their malicious features.

A few days ago I found a new generation of rogue blogs on Servage network.
Here are the details …