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Revenge of Gumblar Zombies

23 Oct 09   Filed in Website exploits with 50 Comments

Do you remember Gumblar? The massive hacker attack that managed to infect more than a hundred thousand legitimate web sites in a very short time this May? The infection was relatively easy to detect but very hard to completely get rid of. It infected various types of files and created backdoor scripts in inconspicuous places of websites so that hackers could easily restore the malicious content.

The gumblar .cn site (and its immediate successor martuz .cn) had been promptly shut down. As a result,the malicious script injected into hacked websites became harmless for site visitors. However, many webmasters failed to properly clean up their sites after the Gumblar infection, leaving the backdoor scripts intact. It was predicted that hackers would find the way to utilize this army of potentially controllable websites. Now, five months later, we see a new surge of a massive attack that resembles Gumblar in many aspects.
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Gumblar/Martuz Aftermath

26 May 09   Filed in Tips and Tricks, Website exploits with 10 Comments

The Gumblar/Martuz epidemic is currently on decline. Comparing with the last week, this week Unmask Parasites registers only a small fraction of Gumblar infected web sites. And I don’t see any new script mutations.

“Martuz .cn” domain no longer resolve and “gumblar .cn” is defunct (the domain is currently parked). This has stopped the surge of new infections. And the increased global awareness helped webmasters identify the problem and get rid of it.

Recovered sites are still blacklisted

Nonetheless, I can still see that many websites recovered from the gumblar/martuz attack are still blacklisted by Google. Their Safe Browsing diagnostic pages say something like:
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Martuz .cn – New Incarnation of the Gumblar Exploit. So What’s New?

18 May 09   Filed in General, Website exploits with 40 Comments

Gumblar is dead

Many people have noticed that “gumblar .cn” no longer resolve. The site cannot be accessed. Thus the gumblar script is no longer able to load the malicious payload and infect new computers and websites. Great!

Meet the Martuz

The loss of the gumblar .cn domain name can’t stop hackers. They have slightly modified the script and now inject a new version that loads malicious content from a new domain – martuz .cn (95 .129 .145 .58)
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