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Gogo2me – Hidden IFrame Injection.

14 Jan 09   Filed in Website exploits with 29 Comments

New Year has come with a new surge of website exploits. I see many help requests on BadwareBusters caused by the same problem.


  1. In Google search results, your site links are marked with a “This site may harm your computer” warning and you see an abrupt decrease in Google search traffic.
  2. When trying to open your web pages, users of Firefox 3 and Google Chrome browsers see a warning that your site is an “attack site”.
  3. If your site is registered with Google Webmaster Tools or AdWords, you receive an email from Google notifying that your site is a reported attack site and some of your web pages link to the following sites that host malicious software: 94 .247 .2 .0/ and gogo2me .net/
  4. Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostics pages for your site also report that your site links to 94 .247 .2 .0/ and gogo2me .net/

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