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Analysis of Gumblar Zombie URLs

29 Jun 10   Filed in General, Website exploits with 3 Comments

As you might know, I maintain and regularly update a list of Gumblar zombie URLs. The main reason why I do it is to help webmasters of compromised sites find relevant information about the source of their problems and the steps required to clean up and secure their sites. I see this pattern quite often, when webmasters find a suspicious script in their web pages and use it in Google searches to find more information about it. On the other hand, this list can also help reveal the security breach of sites that hackers use to host Gumblar zombie scripts.

This week the list has reached the level of 1,000+ URLs. Although it’s just a small part of all Gumblar zombie scripts, this list makes a good base for a quick analysis of Gumblar zombie URLs.
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List of Gumblar Zombie URLs

18 Dec 09   Filed in Website exploits with 12 Comments

My list of Gumblar zombie URLs that I originally posted and updated in the Revenge of Gumblar Zombies article, have already reached the size of 1,400+ items, which makes the web page too heavy.

I decided to move this list to a separate page to make the original post less cluttered. At the same time the list should remain searchable via major search engines and webmasters of compromised sites will be able to find this page that contains a direct link to the post with Gumblar infection details and removal instructions.

Gumblar infection is pretty sophisticated and removing the malicious code is usually not enough to completely clean up your site. If this page contains a URL that was a part of the suspicious code injected into your sites’ web pages and .js files, make sure to read the following post.
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Revenge of Gumblar Zombies

23 Oct 09   Filed in Website exploits with 50 Comments

Do you remember Gumblar? The massive hacker attack that managed to infect more than a hundred thousand legitimate web sites in a very short time this May? The infection was relatively easy to detect but very hard to completely get rid of. It infected various types of files and created backdoor scripts in inconspicuous places of websites so that hackers could easily restore the malicious content.

The gumblar .cn site (and its immediate successor martuz .cn) had been promptly shut down. As a result,the malicious script injected into hacked websites became harmless for site visitors. However, many webmasters failed to properly clean up their sites after the Gumblar infection, leaving the backdoor scripts intact. It was predicted that hackers would find the way to utilize this army of potentially controllable websites. Now, five months later, we see a new surge of a massive attack that resembles Gumblar in many aspects.
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