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Two Malware Trends Combined in One Attack

06 Oct 10   Filed in Website exploits with 8 Comments

Two of the major trends in malware attacks described on this blog this summer were the use of hijacked DNS records of legitimate domains and continuous attacks against sites on MediaTemple and RackSpace. In the end of this September, I noticed a new attack that combined these two trends.

At higher level, this attack is no different from many preceding variations that hit MediaTemple. It prepends malicious code to the first line of some existing .js files or injects it inside the <ads>…</ads> tags at the bottom of HTML code of legitimate web pages.

However, soon you notice new techniques.
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Pqshow .org Scripts – New Plague On MediaTemple Sites

14 Aug 10   Filed in Website exploits with 19 Comments

New week — new attack on MediaTemple-hosted sites.

Almost everything remains the same as in the last week’s attack I described here. The only difference is the new script and the new remote malicious site – bl .pqshow .org.
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