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Lorem Ipsum and Twitter Trends in Malware. Update.

18 Feb 12   Filed in Website exploits with 4 Comments

A few weeks ago I published an article about an attack that hosted malware on a fast flux network of infected PCs and used a clever algorithm based on Twitter trends to generate four new hard-to-predict domain names every day.

Shortly after that I was contacted by foks, who shared some interesting information. He conducted his own investigation and found out how hackers injected those scripts into legitimate web pages. He also found a new (buggy) version of the malicious script.
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Gumblar Breaks WordPress blogs and other complex PHP sites

04 Nov 09   Filed in Website exploits with 16 Comments

Not only iframe infections can corrupt websites. It appears that the current version of Gumbar effectively breaks WordPress blogs.
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Buggy Malware: Iframes Eat Web Pages

29 Oct 09   Filed in Website exploits with 7 Comments

Yesterday, when I wrote about hidden iframes I forgot to mention one interesting side effect of the new iframes with “onload” scripts – they eat web pages.

Actually, those iframes don’t eat web pages themselves – it is done by buggy software that hackers use to inject hidden iframes into legitimate web pages.
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