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Every now and then, Unmask Parasites and stories from this blog are getting mentioned in the news.

RFI: Server-wide iframe injections (link)

Malicious Apache Module Injects Iframes (link)

Runforestrun and Pseudo Random Domains (link)

Careless Webmasters as WordPress Hosting Providers for Spammers (link)

Malware Piggybacks on Automatic WordPress Updates (link)

Hacked WordPress Blogs Poison Google Images (link)

Thousands of Hacked Sites Seriously Poison Google Image Search Results (link)

Pqshow .org Scripts – New Plague On MediaTemple Sites (link)

Introduction to Website Parasites (link)

Internals of Rogue Blogs (link)

From Hidden Iframes to Obfuscated Scripts (link)

Twitter API Still Attracts Hackers (link)

Hackers Use Twitter API To Trigger Malicious Scripts (link)

Gumblar Breaks WordPress blogs and other complex PHP sites (link)

Buggy Malware: Iframes Eat Web Pages (link) and Evolution of Hidden Iframes (link)

“Cheap Vista” or Cloaked Spam on High-Profile Sites (link)

Dynamic DNS and Botnet of Zombie Web Servers (link)

Goscanpark: 13 Facts About Malicious Server-Wide Meta Redirects (link)

Martuz .cn – New Incarnation of the Gumblar Exploit. So What’s New? (link)

  • CNet — May 19, 2009

Gumblar .cn Exploit – 12 Facts About This Injected Script (link)

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