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Unmask Parasites Testimonials


I’ve set up this page to find out how Unmask Parasites service helped you and what you like about it.

If you have a couple of minutes, please write just a few words about the problem you had and how Unmask Parasites helped solve the problem. Or if you use Unmask Parasites in an unconventional way, your story is also welcome.

Although it is not required, it would be great if you specify some information about you (no one trusts anonymous testimonials): your name, site, whereabouts, (company and title, if you use Unmask Parasites for business).


Denis Sinegubko
Founder & Developer

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Reader's Comments (17)

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    For me, Unmask Parasites has proven to be a valuable tool in dealing with malicious infections in websites. In today’s climate, with many perfectly harmless sites being infected, Unmask Parasites is a simple tool that can help to guide webmasters in their fight against this malware.

    I personally have found it very effective at highlighting malicious iframes etc. allowing me to help those who are affected, and is often the first such tool that I refer to in this situation.

    Active member in the avast! Forums under the nick: spg SCOTT

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    As a Top Contributor in the Google Web Search Help Forum, Google Webmaster Central Help Forum, and moderator with, Unmask Parasites is one of the first resources I use when troubleshooting a web-site issue related to redirects, malicious behavior, browser warnings, and warnings in the Google search results.

    Often, many of the problems that I run across are readily identified by checking individual pages of a site. Since no tool identifies all problems, I do still rely on other resources as well. However, being able to link back to the Unmask Parasites Report, when it does identify an issue, has been a tremendous asset.

    Often it takes someone with a more “authoritative” presence on the internet to convince others that the problem is with their site and not with Google. Unmask Parasites provides that extra support when others find it hard to believe what I am trying to tell them.

    Since I am not a security professional,web-developer or programmer, I needed simple, basic tools to help those in the Google Web Search Help Forum to understand that strange search results, malicious behavior and redirects were not because Google had been hacked (as many people assumed.) Unmask Parasites often is able to help me convince others to look at their situations with a more open mind and get down to the task of resolving their problem.

    Between the scan reports and write-ups on the Unmask Parasites blog, Denis has provided a valuable resource for those who don’t have access to the knowledge and skill of the IT/security staff that the larger companies have. These resources are invaluable to the do-it-yourself individual, as well as the professionals.

    As the hackers change methods, Unmask Parasites changes with them. As new attack patterns emerge, Unmask Parasites evolves as well, supplementing the results of its scan with timely and valuable write-ups about the latest trends.

    I depend a lot on Denis’ expertise and applaud his efforts with this project. The things I have learned here, have enabled me to expand my horizons and branch out from assisting in the Google Web Search Help Forum to also assisting in Google Webmaster Central and

    Thanks, Denis, for making it easier for me to help others to see what is really happening with their sites. :-)

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    I’ve been doing Computer work for 17 years and I can say with absolute conviction that UP is the FIRST place I go when hacks or infections are suspect.

    I work for a pretty good size hosting company and we see “infections” and “hacks” on a regular basis.

    If UP says there’s a bug, there’s a bug. Period.
    Even if a site is just acting “funny”, I check it here.

    Denis is truly one of the “Good Guys” and he rocks!

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    I did several tests with differents free tools like unmask parasites and this was one of the tools with better results. You can check out the test in:

    (English with google translate, fairly understandable)

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    There are informative articles about Malware infections at Unmask Parasites.. there are comments in those articles that enhance the information.. there is a free scanner for malware infections… but the best of them all is that Denis actually replies if you ask him for help.

    I was panicked when my site got infected on 1st May. I had a very few hope from anyone on the matter.. in a desperate attempt i sent a mail to Denis much like an arrow in the dark.. but he replied… and not just replied courteously, he provided valuable information and thanks to him i was able to identify the thread.

    Its a very reassuring and motivational thought that there is someone who can actually help me with what i’m going through. And this becomes even more valuable when my web hosting provider is not doing anything more than blaming it on me and WordPress.

    I believe sharing is the solution, educating web admins is the solution, spreading the word is the solution. Im not writing this tutorial to assure the readers of how good UP is.. i’m writing this testimonial so that Denis keeps doing what he does, so that what im writing motivates him to do better. At least so that he knows that he helped a panicked soul…. and believe me, there are thousands like me who need this assurance… and most of us are sitting on shared hosting… =)

    Bobby Sandhu

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    I wanna said a BIG thank you for your (Denis Sinegubko) free tool. At 2009, some of our client e-commerce website were attacked and their home page were overwritten with some javascript snippets. We utilize to detect and clean up the sites. Without it our work could have been much harder!

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    Dear Sir,

    Your website is really very helpful, I have unblock website many times.

    Thanks and regads,

    M. Rafiq

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    I posted a link to the free tool on the Serif Web Plus forum where I thought it may be of interest to the users there.

    Within 30 mins a forum user had located some spurious code on a friend’s business site. Nothing dramatic just list of hidden links clearly designed to provide unsolicited backlinks.

    With there being so many “free tools” out there that are doubtful in their effectiveness it is pleasing to find one that actually does what it claims.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Here is a link to the thread in question if anyone is interested.

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    When your site is infected with malware, not only do you want the problem fixed, you want constant feedback on the progress of its resolution. Unlike other sites, Denis Sinegubko of Unmask Parasites kept me informed. He was proactive in following up several times a day until the problem was fixed. Denis made a difficult situation much easier to handle. Without hesitation, I would recommend Denis Sinegubko and Unmask Parasites if you have malware.

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    I love this tool for checking that a programmer did their job cleaning a site. Now, when someone says a site has been cleaned, I can check it in an instant!

    When we have a site get hit, and then have to submit a “request for review” in Google Webmaster Tools after a malware notification, we now cite your tool… Keep up the great work, and thank you!

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    Thanks for helping realize that malware can be part of the content not just the permissions or design issues.

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    I am still learning about the newer methods attackers use to compromise websites, and I had some questions regarding web surfing behaviour seen by our users that Denis was able to answer in a very informative and detailed fashion. He didn’t just answer my questions, but he also explained the logic, so that it can be expanded on in the future.

    I find Denis’s blog to contain more analytical and detailed information than most other blogs, which helps give me the tools to improve my skillset.

    Considering he provides this level of service for free is hard to believe, but I for one greatly appreciate it!

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    I just wanted to thank you for the service you are offering. My site was recently compromised and your site not only helped me confirm it, but exceeded all other sites in its thoroughness.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

    Yarron Katz

    Sonic Brilliance Studios

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    One of our members put up Unmask Parasites to be included in our traffic exchange site rotation and we have been using it with other software to determine sites submitted for approval are safe and clean for our members viewing.

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    Thanks Denis for your quick reply and good advice which helped solve my problem. We are a small business (and I’m not very computer savvy!) so it was great to have some help, especially for free – keep up the good work and I am sure we will use your site again.

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    Good day!

    Unmask Parasites – very high quality, and fast service !

    I – private person. In his spare time doing site checking the Republic of Belarus (. by) for security problems.

    Unmask Parasites apply in conjunction with other systems online validation – #

    The overall result – excellent!

    On Unmask Parasites worth a direct link to my site

    Really want to cooperate with this company more closely !

    Michael Metlitski (White Russia, s. Minsk)


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