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Unmask Parasites joins Sucuri

   20 Sep 13   Filed in Unmask Parasites

It’s official. This week Unmask Parasites joins Sucuri!

Since July of 2008 when I released the first public version, Unmask Parasites was a “one man project” and it worked fine for me most of the time. I did everything myself from server setup to site development, from web attack investigations to blogging here. During these years Unmask Parasites became quite noticeable both within webmasters and Internet security community. And I always tried to meet their expectations providing a tool that could reveal various obscure website security issues and sharing information on how and why websites get hacked, and what can be done to prevent it.

When Sucuri approached me and asked if I wanted to join their team as a malware researcher, I didn’t think much. I’ve been watching this company since 2010 and knew how much we had in common in our approach to Internet security. We both focus on helping site owners to detect security problems and protect their sites. We do our best to educate webmasters about things that hackers do with compromised websites — unmasking their dirty tricks is an important part of our work. In 2011 we established good relationship and began to help each other by sharing our information about ongoing massive attacks. Now Sucuri has grown to one of the leading companies in its field and makes a significant impact on how many thousands of site owners protect their sites. It’s an honor for me to join this company and the team of professionals that I know for so long time.

I guess you wonder what will happen to Unmask Parasites scanner and this blog? They are here to stay! I will still be responsible for Unmask Parasites and continue to improve it and publish my blogposts here. Even better: now that I’m with Sucuri, I will have access to large volumes of data from their tools and support team (something that I really missed during the last five years), which will definitely facilitate my investigations, and, in turn, improve the quality of Unmask Parasites scanner and Sucuri own tools.

For additional information check the Sucuri’s announcement.

Let’s unmask parasites!

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Reader's Comments (2)

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    Denis, I cannot think of anyone more deserving than you of this opportunity. Hearty congratulations & many blessings in your new venture as you go forward! & Sucuri better realize how damn lucky they are lol. From the sound of the announcement, it appears they do. Again, congratulations!

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    […] Unmask Parasites blog post […]