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Matt Cutts on Malware

   11 Jan 12   Filed in Tips and Tricks, Unmask Parasites

Video highlights:

  1. Use Safe Browsing diagnostics — false positives are very unlikely<your-site-URL-here>

    • The problem might have been caused by a third-party content (ads, widgets) that you use on your site
    • But in most cases the problem is in the malicious content/behavior added by hackers.
  2. Malware review via Google Webmaster Tools.
    • prove ownership
    • use the  Diagnositics -> Malware section for information on malware issues (e.g. examples of URL were malware was found, and samples of the found malicious content)
    • Once you fix the problem, click on the “request a review” link — your site will be reviewed during the next few hours.
  3. Fetch as Googlebot. – useful tool to diagnose security problems when hackers hide malicious content from normal human visitors and only show it for search engine spiders (cloaking) — this is quite a prevalent type of website hacks (part of massive Black Hat SEO campaigns).
  4. .htaccess — is a popular target of website hacks. For example, hackers can add conditional rules to redirect all search engine traffic to a third-party website.
  5. SQL-injections — another trick where hackers can exploit bugs in web applications that fail to properly sanitize user input — as a result, malicious content can be injected into site’s database.
  6. Finding malware may be tricky.
    • Don’t only check the source code of your web pages. Check what browsers receive from your web server (both the page code and the HTTP headers).
    • You might want to play with different scenarios. Warning: please use specialized tools and do it only in a controlled sandboxed environment, otherwise malware may infect your computer.
      • direct visit
      • visit from a search engine
      • visit with clean cookies (first time visit)
      • visit using different browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome)
      • visit from from different IPs and countries
  7. Keep your system up to date.
  8. Change passwords.
  9. Unmask Parasites :) –  Matt called this site a “really useful place to talk about all the different attacks that are currently going on”.

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