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Tweet Week: March 15-21, 2010

   22 Mar 10   Filed in Tweet Week

Selected short messages and links you might have missed if you don’t follow me on Twitter.

Mar 15, 2010

RT @gcluley: Microsoft releases stop-gap bandaid for unpatched Internet Explorer zero-day attack

Updated my list of Gumblar zombies – now 604 URLs

[milestone] Half a million web pages checked by Unmask Parasites!

Mar 17, 2010

[] Tracking down malware – reviews of Malzilla, Jode, jsunpack and Wepawet

Mar 18, 2010

RT @stopbadware: Anyone willing to volunteer some time to help out with graphic/web design for a new StopBadware project?

[] Security updates for Drupal modules – one is critical

Mar 19, 2010

See many sites with injected “unb0rn . biz” script. Sample Unmask Parasites report. Google now reports 2847 (2948 at the moment of publishing this tweet week) infected domains.

[] Ad servers hit by rogue plug-in – Open X ads seem to be affected

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