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Tweet Week: Feb 8-14, 2010

   15 Feb 10   Filed in Tweet Week

Selected short messages and links you might have missed if you don’t follow me on Twitter.

Feb 8, 2010

Investigating an attack that seems to be exploiting vulnerability of phpMyAdmin. Make sure your phpMyAdmin is up-to-date.

[h-online] Tomorrow Microsoft releases fixes to 26 sec. vulnerabilities.  Some known vulnerabilities will stay unpatched

Feb 10, 2010

The ex-“GNU-GPL” script constantly mutates. You can learn a lot about JS following the changes ;-)

Feb 11, 2010

[] Securing FTP Access on a cPanel Server

Feb 12, 2010

[h-online] SpyEye botnet toolkit – bots grab web froms, email and FTP traffic

RT @briankrebs: Critical Security Update for Adobe Flash Player. Also, another Adobe Reader patch coming

RT @kdawson: Breaking: BSoD after Windows security update happens only on machines with pre-existing rootkit infection.  (Comments are also worth reading)

[minor update] Unmask Parasites v0.5.197 – added more malware detection rules

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