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Anti-Pirates Unknowingly Promote Pirates

   03 Oct 09   Filed in Website exploits

A couple of days ago I posted my research on hacked high-ranking sites that spammers used to promote online stores selling pirated software.

Now you’ll see an amusing (and at the same time sad) illustration of the issue.

One of the hacked sites is a site of Software & Information Industry Association (PageRank 7)

SIIA: Report Piracy

SIIA: Report Piracy

On the home page of this site you can see a prominent call: “Get Your Head Out of the Clouds! Report Piracy

Unmask Parasites report

Now, lets take a look at the same home page using Unmask Parasites

Unmask Parasites report

You can see 200 links to spammy pages that redirect to online stores selling pirated copies of popular software (you can read more about it in my previous post).

And here is how the same SIIA home page looks like if I change my browser’s User Agent to Googlebot. I had to scroll 4 screens down just to see the legitimate part of the site.

SIIA for Goolgebot

Actually, you don’t have to switch your browser’s User Agent to see the spam links. Just conduct this search “cheap vista” and click on the “Cached” link below any result.

Their site says: “Report software and content piracy by a company or other organization, and you may be eligible for a reward“. So am I eligible for the reward?

SIIA, get your head out of the clouds! Stop helping pirates! Clean up your site!

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