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Blog Moved to VPS

   06 Jun 09   Filed in General


To have more things under my control I moved this blog from a shared hosting plan to a VPS (virtual private server).

However, when I imported WordPress posts to the new location, things didn’t go as expected and the structure of threaded comments got broken. When you read popular posts with active discussions, you might not be able to identify who responding to whom. In new posts, threaded comments should be working.
I’m trying to figure out if I can resolve the issue. Does anyone have experience moving a WordPress (2.7.1) blog with threaded comments to a new site?

If you find any other glitches, please contact me either via this blog or via Unmask Parasites contact form.

Update (a few hours later): RTFM! I found this Codex article about moving WordPress.  Restoring MySQL database from a full dump worked much better (in terms of preserving structure of threaded comments) than simple “Export/Import”.  There might be issues with plugins if they store absolute paths in a database though.

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Reader's Comments (5)

  1. |

    I am not sure where to report this – probably a forum here will be great. I sent you email already but just to make a prominent note :

    Many pages, which were cleaned or are never infected, when checked by unmaskparasite gives erroneous result BLOCKING Firefox users driving them away from our site – this happens when the words “document.write(unescape(…” are there, even for valid reasons and in a clean way for useful means.

    I used to hide certain html from view source to prevent copying. Now those are being reported as suspicious code.

    Can unmaskparasite immediately explore this, add patches to its code and rectify the situation ?

  2. |

    Hi Rohn,

    Unmask Parasites can’t block anything. It’s an independent service that checks web pages and provides advice to webmasters to look at certain items that may look suspicious.

    If you as a site owner don’t find the highligted items suspicious (it’s your site and you know what should be ther) just ignore the the Unmask Parasites report.

    Firefox users cannot view your site because Google has found malicious content on your site (not that encrypted form) and blacklisted your site. This blacklist is used by Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

    To remove your site from that list you should request a review via Google Webmaster Tools.

  3. |

    Thanks for taking time and I understand you must be very busy at the moment.

    What Google does is probably a similar alogarithm like you so that even when things have been cleaned thoroughly or some sub directory pages that were never unclean are also marked by them as malicious. I have read in details how to clear up with Google and made repeated submissions by webmastertools. But Google is NOT responsive.

    That apart have you figured out how to separate which “document.write(unescape(” are bad and which are not bad? As I said encrypting html produces ““document.write(unescape(” which Unmaskparasite marks as suspicious. There are friends and close contacts who do not trust Google or use FF but do visit Unmaskparasite to check sanity of the sites.

  4. |

    This is to say a Thank you for your communications via email and a small off topic note : how what we think is not always what Google thinks

  5. |

    Google metrics can go haywire actually

    When its large scale it gets detected. For small sites they are indeed unresponsive!