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Unmask Parasites: 10,000 checked pages and counting

   11 Dec 08   Filed in Unmask Parasites
Milestone: 10002 checked pages

Unmask Parasites online service has reached the level of 10,000 checked web pages. 556 of the checked pages were found suspicious. It’s more than 5%. The real number of checked compromised web pages is even higher since in most cases Unmask Parasites leaves it up to a site owner to decide whether detected redirects and scripts are actually malicious.

Hope Unmask Parasites has helped many site owners detect and resolve tricky security problems.

Thanks to all who used the service, helped test and improve it.

Get ready for some new interesting features.

P.S. I tried to catch the moment when the counter displays 10,000 to take a screenshot. I reloaded the page: … 9993, 9998, 9999, 1002. Although I missed the page with the round number I felt quite happy. Hope when the counter reaches 1,000,000 someone will take a screenshot for me ;-)

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